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Cases of Success

Partnership MBR / COCATREL

MBR Company

MBR / Cocatrel successfully start exporting Coffee to the world and consolidate long-term vision to make Cocatrel a major direct exporter in Brazil.

The implementation of the partnership between MBR and Cocatrel soon took effect and within a few months after the initial conversation, the first green coffee containers were exported to the United States, Europe and Australia. During 2016, large traditional customers and companies specialized in quality coffee have become clients of this partnership that seeks the direct path between the coffee of the cooperative members and the end customer. The concept that involves the excellent coffee mix of the cooperative and MBR's expertise in seeking and managing a portfolio of international customers worked well and exports have grown significantly year after year. With MBR's new commercial office in Barcelona, Spain, the new target is to expand the volumes and customer base as well as seek new opportunities to add value to Brazilian coffee.

Premium Fruits by air to the final consumer at UAE

MBR Company

MBR has been supplying the Middle East Market for the last 3 years in partnership with distributors and supermarkets. In 2014, MBR has initiated a project to export fresh fruits by air into one of the leading supermarket chains in Dubai. With weekly shipments, MBR has been expanding volumes, adding value to Brazilian products and deliverying an extraordinary quality to the citizens of the world who live on this exciting region of the planet.

Bringing Global brands to Brazil - DOLE PACKAGE FOODS

MBR Company

Since 2012 MBR is engaged in importing, distribution and marketing  Dole Package Food's products in Brazil. This partnership started with a first sale to the largest retail chain in the country with product tasting, monitoring and replenishment of products from over 300 stores throughout the country. 

Aiming continuous efficiency in this process: import, adjust the product to the Brazilian market, marketing, trade marketing and post sales, MBR and Dole are consolidating its products in the Brazilian market adding its healthy and innovative products from the wide portfolio that are already present and successful in key global markets.

Placing the Brazilian Lime at the spotlight

MBR Company


MBR exports Brazilian fresh fruit since 2004 to many countries in Europe, Middle East and Canada. 

Always aiming to add value to our product, MBR diversifies its exporting range through obtaining quality and social international certifications (eg: Global Gap, HACCP, BSCI), customized packaging formats according to each customer and market, export fruit by sea and by air and more recently offering organic limes for the demanding international consumers.